Unit & Beds availability: 1 Unit with 30 Beds

Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty & PG Students

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Museum Research Lab. Clinical Demonstration Room Duty Room for Resident Doctors & Students Laboratory for Routine Examination Examination & Treatment Room Store Room for Linen Ward Pantry
Male Female    
Size (Area) 25 m2 50 m2 20 m2 20 m2 20 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2

Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Senior Resident Junior Residents
Size (Area) 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20.70m2 21m2


Multipara Monitors Nebulisers
Pulse Oxymeters Ventilators
ECG Computerized PFT equipment
Resuscitation kit Crash cart
MDR treatment facilities Infusion Pump
Thoracoscope Suction Apparatus
Cardiac Monitor DLCO Machine
O2 flow meters CPET Machine
Syringe pump Ambu Bag
Rigid Bronchoscope PFT Machine
Peak flow meters Gluco Meter
Defibrillator Sphygmomanometer
Intercostal Drainage Facility Pleural Biopsy Needles
Fiberoptic Bronchoscope Pulmonary function Test machine
Arterial Blood Gas machine  


Area of Department Library: 30m2

No. of Books Available

Central Library: 304 nos

Departmental Library: 92 nos

Publications & Research


  • Doye George, Mathew Ninan, Sukumaran, Shamly Cletus, Shwetha Chacko, and Smitha William. A Study to Find Out the Proportion of Smokers among Patients Hospitalized With Respiratory Complaints, In a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India. International Journal of Healthcare Sciences. 3, Issue 1, pp: (11-15), Month: April 2015 – September 2015.
  • Mathew Ninan, Doye George, P Sukumaran, Gunanidhi Sahu, RN Mania, Philip Mathew. Pattern of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in patients wlth human immunodeficiency virus infection, at a tertiary care centre in eastern india. Int J Me.dRes Health Sci. 2015;4(3):572-577.
  • Doye George, Mathew Ninan, Sukumaran P, Beena Thomas, Anu Sam Mathew, SaliniAR. Reasons for nonacceptance of DOTS for the treatment of tuberculosis by some patients – a study from a tertiary care private medical college hospital. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 6, No.2 January – June 2015.
  • Doye George, Sethu Babu, P Sukumararr, Anu Sam Mathew, Salini M R. Spirometry in Treated Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. JMSCR Volume 3Issue 3March 2015.
  • P Jayasree, Sushamabai, T U Sukumaran, Doye George, Tharyan Tharyan, SeemaOommen. Study on the clinical profile of paediatric tuberculosis and comparison with adult tuberculosis: Experience from a tertiary care centre in South India. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 5. No.2. January – June 2014.
  • JayasreePoroor, Doye Georqe. Tuberculosis in adolescents and children: data on clinical presentation and treatment outcomes for a period of 4 years, from a tertiary care hospital in south India. J of Evidence Based Med & Hlthcare, Vol. 2/Issue l8/May 04, 2015.
  • Beena Thomas, Sethu Babu, Isaac V Mammen, Doye George, Anu Sam Mathew, P Sukumaran. Clinical profile of sarcoidosis – A case series from Central Kerala. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 5, No.2, January – June 2014.
  • Sethu Babu, Beena Thomas, Raveendran Chetambath. Correlation between Epworth Sleepiness Score and Polysomnographic Indices in Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. JMSCR Volume 2 Issue 8 August 2014

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Migraine in Asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • Omalizumab in moderate to severe Asthma patients

Services provided by the Department

(a) Bronchoscopy

(b)  Physiotherapy Section.

(c)   PFT test and DLCO.

(d) Blood Gas analysis

(e)  RICU services

(f)  Aerosol Tharapy

(g) Treatment for MDR Tuberculosis

(h) FNAC from Pleura and Lung

Speciality Clinics run by the Department