Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Laboratory Research Laboratory Mortuary/ Autopsy  Block Museum Seminar Room Demons. Rooms
Size (Area) 150 m2 50 m2 435 m2 150 m2 30 m2 50.60 m2

 Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Tutors
Size (Area) 15.80m2 17.80m2 17.80m2 17.80m2 20.70m2


Balance, single pair for weighing foetus
Balance chemical
Weighing machine for organs
Folding metal scale to measure upto 7 ft.
Steel tape roll
Autopsy table
Styker autopsy saw, with accessories
Dissection sets consisting of :-
1) Cartilage knife, Bone cutting forceps, Scissors – straight & curved.
2) Enterotome, Scalpels, Knife, Spare blades, Probe, Metal scale.
3) Ribshears, Hammer, Chisel.
4) Gloves, Needles, Thread, Aprons, Cap, Mask
Weighing machine, dial type human
Rib. Shears, right and left
View Box Two in one
Viscerotome with attachment for illumination (Battery operated)
SLR camera with accessories
Microscope student type
Microscope Binocular, research
Weighing machine for Weighing dead bodies
X’ray view box one in four
B.P. Apparatus
Anthropometric set
Warnier calipers
Automatic tissue processing machine
Microtome with knife
Hot plates
Leather Strops
Parafin Bath Embedding
Slide Warming Table
Stone Carbarandon
Water bath (Tissue Flowing)
Distilation plant
Deep freezer for keeping tissues
Brain knife
Black Holder
Digital Spectrometer
Digital PH meter
Electric Auto slide projecter
Glass cutting Pencil
Equipment for reporting height
Hand Set heat Sealer
Spectroscope Lens with adjustable slit
Cold Storage for keeping dead bodies
Video Camera, Television and Video Cassette Recorder 1 each
Instrument Cabinet, instrument, trolly, filing cabinet with folders, filing cabinets for almirahs etc.


Area of Department Library:        30m2

No. of Books Available:

Central Library:             193

Departmental Library:          102


Area No. of Specimens Catalogues of the specimens Charts/Diagrams/ Microscopic Slides Wax Models Poisons
150 m2 Mounted:23

Unmounted: 125

11 112 6 32