Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Research Lab. Demo.room Seminar Room Practical Class Room
Size (Area) 50m2 45m2 30m2 150m2

 Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Tutors
Size (Area) 15.80m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 35.85m2 20.70m2



Important Equipment’s
Water bath
Hot Air Oven
Semi auto analyzer
Electrophoresis with powerbank
Chromatography apparatus
pH meter


Available Equipment’s
Fume cupboards
Boiling Water baths, with lids having 8-12 Holes
Autoclave electric
Balance open pan
Balance semi micro
Balance micro
Votex mixers
Constant temperature water bath
Ryles tube
Incubator electric with thermostat
Hot air oven
Magnetic stirrer
Pump vaccum
Flame Photometer
Thermometers 0-2500C
Thermometers 0-110 0C
Cork borer set
Stop watch
Spirit lamp
Chromatographic chamber
Water distillation plant (metallic)
All glass distillation apparatus
Desicators large size
Desicators small size
Centrifuge clinical for 12 tubes
PH meters
Ultra Violet (U.V.) lamp
Tools for small workshop for glass blowing and mending
Bottle dispensers
Samplers (autopipettes) different volume range
Electrophoresis apparatus with power supply for Paper PAGE AGAROSE
Binocular research microscopes
Glass ware as required by standard lab. Like pipettes, beakers and conical flasks, etc.



Area of Department Library:   30m2

No. of Books Available:

            Central Library   –  550

            Departmental Library   –  120