Unit & Beds availability: 2 Unit with 61 Beds

Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty and PG Students

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Museum Research Lab. Clinical Demonstration Room Duty Room for Resident Doctors & Students Laboratory for Routine Examination Examination & Treatment Room Store Room for Linen Ward Pantry
Male Female    
Size (Area) 25m2 50m2 20 m2    20 m2 20 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2

Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Senior Resident Junior Residents
Size (Area) 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 21m2


Important Equipments
Multipara Monitors 
Upper GI endoscope
Dialysis machines
Echo – color Doppler
Resuscitation kit
Phototherapy Units (CFL & LED)
Radiant warmer
Pulse Oxymeters
Crash cart
Computerized PFT equipment
ABG machine
Syringe pump
Transport Incubator
Stadiometer/weighing scale
Laminer Flow (desirable)


Resuscitation equipments:
Ambu bag
* infant
* children
Face mask
Nasal prongs
Nasal catheters
Endotracheal tubes
Suction apparatus 
Suction catheters
Oxygen Delivery System
Oxygen Cylinder
Oxygen regulator
Oxygen Humidifiers
Oxygen headbox (of each size)
Drug Deliver Equipment/ Catheter/tube-
Intra-venous (I.V.) Drip set
Measured volume
Blood transfusion set
Intra-venous (I.V.) Canula (Butterfly type)
Umbilical vein Catheter
Feeding tubes
Three way and four way valve
Malecot’s catheter
Cut open canula
Measurement Equipments
Weighing machine
Measuring tape
Shakir’s tape
Work lab and investigations
Student Microscope
Nuclear Chamber
Test tube
Spirit lamp
Stains for – Leishman’s staining
– AFB staining
-Grams staining
Micro Erythrocite Sedimntation Rate (ESR) tubes
Filter paper
Bone marrow needle
Lumber Puncture (L.P.) Needles
Pleural aspiration needle
Biopsy needle
Mengneiz Needle
True cut Renal
Biopsy needle
X-ray view box
Radiant Warmer
Infant incubator
Phototherapy unit



Area of Department Library:    30m2

No. of Books Available:

            Central Library:     867     

            Departmental Library:     148     

Departmental Museum:

  • Space: 25 Sq. Meter
  • of specimens 30          
  • Charts/ Diagrams. Adequate

Publications & Research Projects


  • Jayasree P, Sushamabai S, Abraham S et al. Epidemiological factors affecting anemia prevalence in rural adolescents in South India. Pushpagiri Medical Journal 2012(3); 99‐103
  • Elenjickal MG, Sobha K, Kurian N, Bai S.S. Early detection of autism – Comparison of two screening tools. Pushpagiri Medical Journal 2012; 3: 113-117
  • Jayasree P, Sushamabai S, Sukumaran TU, S et al Study on the clinical profile of paediatric tuberculosis and comparison with adult tuberculosis:  Experience  from  a  tertiary  care  center  in  South    Pushpagiri Medical Journal. Vol5. No.2; Jan‐July 2014: 5: 102-105.
  • .Poroor J, Vijayan A, Dev A, Sankaran S et al. Clinical and microbiological profile of invasive pneumococcal disease in under five children: an  institution  based  study. Pneumonia.  2014. Vol.3; 191
  • Vinitha Wills, Jacob Abraham. Abruptio Placenta – an Analysis of Risk Factors and Perinatal Outcome. Academic Medical Journal of India, Volume 3, Issue 1.
  • Simon SA, Bai SS, Vipin CL. Clinical profile of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children attending child development clinic.  Pushpagiri Medical Journal 2014:5:98-102.
  • JayasreePoroor, Doye George. Tuberculosis in adolescents and children: data on clinical presentation and treatments outcomes for a period of 4 years, from a tertiary care hospital in South India. J of Evidence Based Med &Hlthcare, Vol. 2/Issue 18/May 04, 2015.2752-2757
  • Vinitha Wills, Jacob Abraham, N S Sreedevi. A comparative study of Early Onset versus Late Onset Preeclampsia.Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 5, No.2, January – June 2014:88-92.
  • Manju George Elenjickal, TU Sukumaran, S Sushamabai. The diagnostic value of first EEG in children suspected with epilepsy. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 5, No.2, Jan – June 2014:106-110.
  • U Sukumaran.“Vit D in health disease”. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 5, No.2, Jan – June 2014.
  • Jacob Abraham. Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome: a differential diagnosis for hypoglycaemia in the neonate & variations in clinical presentation. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 3, No.1, July – December 2013 published in June 2014.
  • John Joseph, Jacob Abraham. Neonatal Teratomas. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 3, No.1, July – December 2013 published in June 2014.
  • Carol Sara Cherian, Reena Thomas. “Case of Gitelman syndrome”, Pushpagiri Medical Journal  Dec. 2013

 Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Alliance for Surveillance of Invasive Pneumococci (ASIP) – a multi-center study in collaboration with CMC Vellore. Phase 1 completed in December 2012, Phase II restarted from August 2013 and is continuing. – Dr. P Jayasree, Dr. S Sushamabai,
  • T U Sukumaran, Dr. S Letha,Dr. Mathew Varghese.
  • Surveillance and characterization of rota virus causing diarrhea in central Travancore. – Dr. Carol Sara Cherian, Dr. S Sushamabai, Dr.SeemaOomen, Jagan OA. Study completed regarding case collection and analysis. Rota virus PCR isolation completed. Paper publication in progress.
  • A pilot study to assess immunity levels to rubella virus in female students of Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, Tiruvalla. Catherine Joseph, Dr. S Sushamabai, Dr. Carol Sara Cherian, Jagan O.A, Sheila Kachchhap, Sara Chandy.  Study & Analysis completed.  Paper for publication being prepared.
  • Clinical profile of influenza A virus infection in children – Dr. Carol Sara Cherian,Dr. Shanty Mary Koshy, Dr. S Sushamabai. Phase 1 study over.  Phase II is started from May 2014 and is continuing.
  • Comparative study of conventional and molecular methods for improving laboratory diagnosis of Pediatric influenza in a tertiary hospital in Central Travancore, South India. – Jagan O.A, Dr. Carol Sara Cherian, Dr. S Sushamabai, Dr. S Letha. Preliminary work started. Project has to be submitted to the ethical committee.
  • Clinical profile of children with wheezing of age 2 month to 1 year – Dr. Carol Sara Cherian,  Dr. S Sushamabai, Dr. Shanty Mary Koshy.  Project started in January 2014 and is progressing.
  • Clinical and virological study on acute bronchiolitis in children under 2 years. Dr.Unaise V V, Dr.Sushamabai, Dr. Carol Sara Cherian, Dr. T U Sukumaran, Dr. S Letha, Dr.AnandManoharan. Department of Pediatrics and Pushpagiri Research Centre. Ethical approval obtained. Study in progress. 

Services provided by the Department

  1. Neonatal services:
    1. NICU           – 24 hours functional
    2. Neonatal Ventilation
    3. Exchange transfusion
    4. Phototherapy             
    5. Parenteral Nutrition
  2. Endoscopy         
  3. Dialysis  
  4. Paediatric Ventilation
  5. Thalassemia day care center
  6. Physiotherapy section.
  7. Child counseling services
  8. HIV
  9. Delivery room services

 Investigative facilities:

  1. Paediatric Endoscopy
  2. Paediatric Bronchoscopy
  3. PFT                                        
  4. ABG                                      

Intensive Care facilities:

  • PICU
  • NICU
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Obstetric care area
  • Recovery ICU
  • Surgery ICU
  • Medical ICU
  • ICCU,
  • Neurosurgery ICU

Speciality Clinics run by the Department:


S.No. Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings Average No. of cases attended Name of Clinic In-charge
1 Pediatric Cardiology Wednesday 2 PM to 4PM 5-8/day Dr.KapilDalgo Thomas
2 Paed. Nephrology  Tuesday 1 PM to 3 PM 3-5/day Dr. Carol S Cherian
3 Paed. Endocrinology Saturday 12PM to 2PM 9-11/day Dr. S Letha
4 Paed. Haematology


Wednesday 12PM to 2PM 8-10/day Dr. Nadia E Paul
5 Paed.Gastro(Diarrhea) Saturday 12PM to 2 PM 6-8/day Dr. Mathew  Varghese
6 Paed.Neurology  Saturday 2 PM to 4 PM 14-16/day Dr.P Jayasree
7. Neonatology

(i)    High Risk Newborn

(ii)   Well baby clinic






11AM to 3 PM


11AM to 3 PM







Dr. Jacob Abraham


8 Immunization All days except Sunday 9 AM to 3 PM 36-41/day Dr. S Sushamabai


9 Paed. Asthma and pulmonology clinic Thursday 12PM to 2 PM 8-10/day Dr. Carol Sara Cherian,


10 Thalassemia Clinic Wednesday 12PM to 2 PM 1per year Dr. Nadia E Paul
11 Adolescent Clinic Saturday 11AM to 1 PM 3-5/day Dr.Shanty Mary Koshy,


12 Pediatric Rheumatology 4th Saturday 1PM to 4 PM 3-5/month Dr. S Letha
13 Child welfare clinic All days except Sunday 8.30AM -3.30PM 15-25/day Dr. Manju George Elenjickel