Unit & Beds availability: 1 Unit with 40 Beds

Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty and PG Students

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Museum Research Lab. Temporal bone dissection Lab Clinical Demonstration Room Duty Room for Resident Doctors & Students Laboratory for Routine Examination Examination & Treatment Room Store Room for Linen Ward Pantry
  Male Female    
Size (Area) 25m2 50m2 25m2 20 m2   20 m2 20 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2

Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Senior Resident Junior Residents
Size (Area) 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 21m2



Important Equipments
Operating Microscope with teaching aid
High speed drill in operation theatre
Flexible fibreoptic nasopharyngolaryngoscope/ bronchoscope
Rigid Paediatric Bronchoscopy set
Rigid Oesophagoscopy set
Microlaryngoscopy set
Sinus endoscopy set
Microdebrider for sinus surgeries
Digital mono & bipolar cautery
Nerve stimulator/ monitor
High definition digital camera with recording system
Impedance Audiometer
Pure tone audiometer
*Sleep Lab (in the Institute) *Simulators (teaching aids) for ear, nose surgeries
*Diode LASER
*Harmonic scalpel
*Stroboscope/ High Speed camera


List of major equipment available:

  • Operating Microscope with teaching aid
  • High speed drill in operation theatre
  • Flexible fibreoptic nasopharyngolaryngoscope/bronchoscope
  • Rigid Paediatric Bronchoscopy set
  • Rigid Oesophagoscopy set
  • Microlaryngoscopy set
  • Sinus endoscopy set
  • Microdebrider for sinus surgeries
  • Digital mono & bipolar cautery
  • Nerve stimulator/ monitor
  • High definition digital camera with recording system
  • OAE
  • BERA
  • Impedance Audiometer
  • Pure tone audiometer
  • Sleep Lab (in the Institute) Simulators (teaching aids) for ear, nose surgeries
  • Diode LASER
  • Harmonic scalpel                                    
  • Stroboscope/ High Speed camera



Major Operation Theatre:

I Tonsillectomy of Adven Set                                        

  1. Negus artery forceps
  2. Yankeu’s Oropharyngeal Suction tip
  3. Adenotome

II Septoplasty Set                                                           

  1. Bayonet Forceps
  2. Killians Nasal Speculam
  3. Freer’s elevator standard
  4. Tilleys nasal dressing forceps
  5. Ballenger’s swivel knife
  6. Takaheshi Forceps
  7. Fish tail; gouge & mallet
  8. Suction elevator
  9. Suction Cautery

III Caldwel Luc Set

  1. Nasal Gouge
  2. Mallet
  3. Ribbon Retractor
  4. Cheek Retractor 

IV  Antrostomy Set

  1. Lichwitz trocar and canula
  2. Retrograde Gouge
  3. Antral rasp

Fess Set

  1. Nasal Forceps Blakesley Straight
                               (Size No: 1)
  2. Nasal Forceps Blakesley Straight
                               (Size No: 3)
  3. Nasal Forceps Blakesley 450
                               (Size No: 3)
  4. Nasal Forceps Blakesley 900                
                               (Size No: 2)
  5. Nasal trucut (punch)forceps straight
                               (Size No:2)
  6. Ostrum antrum punch upward movement
  7. Ostrum antrum punch downward movement
  8. Turbinectory scissors 9.5mm serrated blade  
  9. Nasal Scissors crocodile action serrated blade straight
  10. Freer’s Elevator
  11. Nasal Suction tube standard (10cm)                      
  12. Nasal curved suction tube (Antral Suction): Small/ Medium                              
  13. Antrum curette forward cutting
  14. Antrum curette backward cutting
  15. Sickle knife 19cm pointed tip                                    
  16. Maxillary sinus ostium seeker (Ball probe)
  17. Sphenoid sinus ostium seeker (Ball probe)
  18. Curette
  19. Giraffe forces apped join 2mm 550
  20. Kofler Sphenoid punch 450
  21. Kerrison’s punch 7II upword cutting 900 3mm                    
  22. Kerrison’s punch 7II downward cutting 900 3mm
  24. Hook ball tip size No:2
  25. Micro forceps 220mm                                                                  
  26. Cotton dissector
  27. DCR punch forceps: Small/ Large                    
  28. Mushroom spherical punch

VI  Direct Laryngoscope Set

  1. Negus Laryngoscope
  2. Hypopharyngoscope
  3. Lighting system for laryngoscope
  4. Biopsy forceps
  5. Foreign body removal forceps Alligator forceps                               
     FB grasping forceps                       
  6. Laryngeal suction                                                                                

VII  Tympano plasty Set / myringotomy  Set

  1. Hartmann Ear Speculam round
  2. Hartmann Ear Speculam Oval
  3. Hartmann Ear Speculam Split
  4. Politzer Myringotome straight blade                                     
  5. Politzer myringotome curved blade
  6. Microear suction tubes
  7. Wullstein needle sharp straight
  8. Micropick 4506mm
  9. Plester flap knife standard (3.5X2.5mm)
  10. Plester side knife slighty curved                                                              
  11. Round knife 450 angled 2mm
  12. Round knife 450 angled 3mm
  13. Drum curette
  14. Drum elevator
  15. Gel foam pressure square (30mmX30mm)                      

VIII  Mastoidectomy   Set

  1. Wullstein mastoid reactor 11cm (3X3prongs)
  2. Wullstein mastoid reactor 13cm (3X3 prongs)
  3. Mastoid drill – Straight hand piece
                             Angled  hand piece                             
  4. Mastoid drill burr bits- Cutting drill bits                                 
     Diamond drill bits           
  5. Wullstein needle sharp staright
  6. Micropick 450
  7. Micropick 900
  8. Plester flap knife
  9. Round Knife 450
  10. Micro ear forceps alligator jaw
  11. Micro ear forceps round up straight                
  12. Micro ear forceps oval up straight
  13. Micro ear forceps oval up tip curves right
  14. Micro ear forceps oval up tip curved left
  15. Micro ear scissors straight
  16. Farabeuf’s periosteal elevator straight
  17. Farabeuf’s periosteal elevator straight curved
  18. Freers elevator
  19. Mastoid suction
  20. Gel form pressure square (30mmX30mm)

IX Stapedectomy   Set

  1. Lempert’s mastoid curette
  2. Lempert’s mastoid curette Size :0
  3. Pick –straight
  4. Angled
  5. Perforater
  6. Measuring rod
  7. Prosthesis crimper

Oesophagoscopy Set

  1. Long thin (adult)foreign body removal forceps
  2. Cliff arrow smith safety pin removal forceps
  3. Denture cutting forceps



  • Microlaryngoscopy set                                                                                 
  • NERVE STIMULATOR/MONITOR                                                                               
  • High definition digital camera with recording set                                               
  • Sleep lab                                                                                                                             
  • Harmonic scalpel                                                                                                             
  • Stroboscope/high speed camera                                                                             
  • Sialendoscopy Set                                                                                                          
  • Nasal bone fracture reduction set                                                                           
  • Adenoidectomy set                                                                                                       
  • DCR set                                                                                                                               
  • Rhinoplasty set                                                                                                
  • Coblation assisted tonsillectomy set                                                                       
  • SPA ligation set                                                                                                                
  • Facial nerve decompression set                                                                               
  • Thyroidectomy set                                                                                                         
  • Endoscopic thyroidectomy set                                                                  
  • Myringotomy set                                                                                                            



Antral Wash Set

  1. Trocar
  2. Canula
  3. Higginson’s syringe

II  Direct Laryngoscope Set

  1. Negus laryngoscope
  2. Anterior commissure laryngoscope    
  3. Lighting System
  4. Biopsy Forceps
  5. Foreign body removal forceps

III Tracheostomy Set

  1. Needle holder
  2. Bard Parker knife handle
  3. Ribbon right angled retractors
  4. Curved arteries
  5. Straight arteries       



Temporal bone Lab

  1. Microscope (Serwell/Vansari)
  2. Micromotor
  3. Micromotor handpiece
  4. Drill bits
  5. Temporal bone holder
  6. Suction irrigation

II      Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope

III VIDEO NYSTAMOGRAPHY(old Electronystagmography)


ENT(Common Instruments):


  1. Head Mirror
  2. Indirect larynoscopy mirror N0:4,No:5  
  3. Post nasal mirror No:1,No:2
  4. Jobson horne probe
  5. Foreign body removal probe
  6. Ear curette
  7. Suction apparatus
  8. Nasal suction tipsNo:1,No:2&No:4
  9. Ear suction
  10. Seigles speculam
  11. Tunning forkS(256,512HZ)
  12. Otoscope
  13. BP appratus
  14. Stethescope
  15. ENT Examination Chair
  16. DHM couch(Dixs hallpikes manouvre)
  17. Long Thermometer
  18. Frenzel’s glass


Area of Department Library:   30m2

No. of Books Available:     

            Central Library:         125                                                                  

            Departmental Library:       103

Departmental Museum:

  • Space: 25 Sq. Meter
  • of specimens 3             

Charts/ Diagrams:     8

Publications & Research


  • Sasindran V, Joseph A, Abraham SS, Hiremath SB. High-riding jugular bulb: A rare entity. Indian J Otol 2014;20:129-31
  • Sasindran V, Joseph A, Babu B, George P. A case of posttraumatic incudomalleolar disruption. Indian J Otol 2014;20:89-91
  • Sasindran V, Joseph A .Necrotizing Fasciitis: An Unusual Presentation. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Oct 2011; 63(4): 390–392

Services provided by the Department

  • Hearing aid trials
  • Speech therapy
  • Audiology services
  • Neonatal screening programmes
  • Speech and voice analysis/services
  • Diagnostic Endoscopy:  Nasal, larynx, Oesophagus, stroboscopy
  • Investigative facilities like Nerve conduction, EMG, BERA etc.            

 Speciality Clinics run by the Department:


 Sr: Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings Average No. of cases attended Name of Clinic In-charge
1 Otology related-Vertigo clinic Tuesday


9.30am to 1.30pm 6 per day Dr.Bibin B
2 Rhinology related- Headache clinic Thursday                   Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm 10 per day Dr.Anjana
3 Cancer Clinic Monday 9.30am to 1.30pm 0-1 per day Dr. Gopinathan P
4 Speech Therapy Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 4 pm 1280 Dr.Antony J