Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty and PG Students

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Clinical Pharmacology Pharmacy Experimental Pharmacology Research Lab. Demo.


Seminar Room Chemical Lab
Size (Area) 50m2 150m2 150m2 50m2 54m2 40m2 18m2

 Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Tutors Non-Teaching Staff
Size (Area) 18 m2 22m2 22m2 18m2 26m2 15m2 15 m2


Important Equipments
Assembly perfusion Operator for Mammalian Heart
Cook’s pole Climbing apparatus /any other equipments for behavioral studies
Digital pH meter
Flame photometer
Rota Rod
Computer Assisted module for experimental  Pharmacology


Research Lab
Starling’s long extension kymograph
Respiration Pump
Brodi’s operation tables
Assembly perfusion apparatus for mammalian heart
Assembly for isolated smooth muscle preparations with X Block, organ bath, Steel trays, thermometer,petri Dishes
Sherrington’s Electric recording drums
Canulas like arterial, venous, syme’s
Varnishing Tray
Smoking Burners
Weighing Machine for small animals like rats and gunea pig
Hair aesthesiometer
Animal Balance Tripple Beam
Distillation apparatus
Analytical balance
Operation table for small animals
Flame photometer
Petri dishes
Instruments Sterilliser
Electric hot plate
Histamine Chamber
Physiograph with transducers
Vortex mixer
Actophotometer or photoectometer
Rotarod Assembly
Cook’s Pole Climbing Apparatus
Digital pH meter
Dissection instruments like forceps, surgical blade, artery forceps.
Vacuum Desicators
Restainer for rats, rabbits
Oral feeding tube for mice and rats
Small animal cage
Tuberculin syringe
Pen torch
Syringes and needles of various size
Butterfly catheter
Dispensing Balance with metric system weights
Pill Tiles
Suppository moulds
Procelain dishes
Crucibles with tongs
Pestle and Mortar
Measure glass
Water bath
Amber coloured bottle small with wide mouth of 250ml
glass rods, glass beakers, funnels
Magnetic stirrer
Autoclave electric
Organ baths and electric drum
Frog boards
Kymograph paper
Smoking burner
Varnishing tray
Insulin syringes
Insulin pen
Rotahaler and rotacaps
Metered dose inhaler
Eye drops
Patient cot
Computer with internet facility
Drug information resources
Syringes and needles of various size
Clinical trial guidelines
Weighing machine
Crash Cart with Drugs


Starling‟s long extension kymographs with time markers.
The ideal Respiration Pump (500 cc. CAP.)
Brodi‟s operation tables
Assembly perfusion apparatus for mammalian heart
Standard power tables
Assembly for mammalian classes
Automatic electric recording drums
Mechanical Stromhur
Canulas (different types)
Cautery machine, electric Blendsone
Varnishing Tray with foot lever
Four Unit isolated organ bath palmer F.67
Smoking Burners Palmer A-291 and A-265
Tracheal Canula Metal Palmer E.76
Condons Drop Recorder – Palmer B-75
Prof.Inchleys Drop Recorder-Palmer B.78
Weighing Machine for small animals like rats and gunea pig
Weighing Machine for big animals like dogs
Hook grip rods
Plain stand
Apparatus for isolated rabbit intestine etc.
Jacquets graphic chronometer
Frog Boards Palmer c. 120
Jackson‟s Enterograph
Hair Aesthesiometer-Palmer W.290
Long Extension for paper palmer A-130
Animal Balance Tripple Beam
Manometers mercury Palmer C-200
Metronome Palmer B-5
Oncometer Kidney
Oncometer Heart
Copper Trays (10”x8”x1”)
Thermometer (upto 110 degree Celsius)
Distillation apparatus
Microscopes ordinary
Working tables with racks each table 36‟ long
Chemical Balance-ordinary Apothecary‟s
Chemical Balance-Sensitive
Dissection instrument
Plethysmograph assorted
Pneumograph Palmer E
Piston Recorder Palmer C.51
Tambours mareys Palmer C.5 & C.11
Tetanus Set Palmer H2O
Stop Watches Jacquets
Oxygen Cylinders with Trolleys 20 cu.ft
Carbon-di-oxide cylinder
Operating lamps-Phillips
Animal trolley with 12 cages
Electrodes, Ordinary and non polarisable, insulated wires,time markers, electric signals,Mercury manometer, perfusion apparatus, myograph lever, small pulley‟s upright stands and chemicals etc.


Pharmacy Laboratory
Dispensing Balance with metric system weights
Pill Tiles
Suppository moulds
Procelain dishes
Crucibles with tongs
Pestle and Mortar
Iron Spatula
Iron Spatula
Measure glass all sizes
Water bath, metal
Chemicals, drugs, glass rods, funnels and filter


Stimulator Electronic Arthus Thomas
Balance Semi micro Analytical Pan Mottler
Spectophotometer Model Du-Backman (UV Visible range)
Skin and Rectal Thermometer Barun
Antihistamine Chamber with manometer
Flame photometer
top clock
Water bath 4 hole electrically heated
Bell jars Assorted
Petri dishes assorted
Museum drugs specimen jars
All glass distillation apparatus cap.2 litres
Centrifuge Electric internation R.P.M. 3000
Microscope students type with mechanical stage and oil immersion
Microscope lamps
Magnetic stirrer B.T.L.
Autoclave electric
Waring Blender M.S.E.
Hot air oven size 14”x14”x14”
Incubator Electric Size 14”x14”x14”
Vacuum & Pressure Pump Cenco
Instruments Sterilliser Electric size 12” x 8”x6” B.P. Apparatus
Distilled water still Manesty Electrical Cap. 2 gallon per hour
Temperature controlled water bath 37 0 C
Razor Hone
Electric Hot Plate
Deionizer-two of capacity 20 litres per hour and 6 litres per hour (mixed bed type) connected in series
Physiographs with Transducers and other relevant accessories (may substitute kymographs)
Vortex mixer
Rotarod Assembly
Cook‟s Pole Climbing Apparatus
Metabolic Cagges (Dieuretic Study)
Digital pH meter
Tablet Disintegration Machine Glass tubing (length of 6 ft.)
Glass rods-assorted sizes of 6 ft.
Glass mortar & pestles
capacity of 500 and 200 cc
Cork borer set of 12
Holder for platinum wireloop
Lancet spring (disposable)
Lamp for microscope
Magnifying glass with metal handle
Metal mincing machine
Postmortem instruments sets complete
Suction pumps
Filtering apparatus sietz filter and Millipore filter
Vacuum Desicators
Apron plastic for postmortem
Apron rubber for postmortemt
Thermal Cycler
U.V. Transilluminator with photography
 Colony counter
 Cold room + 4 degree Celsius
 BACTEC system
 Phase contrast Microscope
Vortex mixer
 Electronic Balance
 Ultra centrifuge
 Flourescent Microscope



Area of Department Library:     30m2

No. of Books Available:

          Central Library:     543

          Departmental Library:     117


Area No. of Specimens Charts/Diagrams
100 m2 750 drug samples & 15 models 110 charts (56 figures, 41 tables, 13 graphs) with history of medicine section


• Publications


  • Lalitha MK, David T, Thomas K et al; Rapid Antimicrobial Resistance Study Group. Nasopharyngeal swabs of school children, useful in rapid assessment of community antimicrobial resistance patterns in Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae. J Clin Epidemiol. 2013 Jan; 66(1):44-51
  • Anitha Mary Mathews, K. Sujith, Santosh Pillai and A.J.M. Christina. Study of Glucose Uptake Activity of Solanum xantohocarpum in L-6 Cell Lines. Europ. J. Biol. Sci., 2013, 5 (3): 77-81.
  • Albert AS, Santosh R. Pillai, Anila Mary, Rajeev Aravindakshan. Efficacy of tamsulosin and silodosin as medical expulsive therapy in the management of distal ureteral stones: a randomized controlled study. Int Surg J. 2016; 3(2): 578-581.
  • Rajesh D Hunashal, Manasa M R. Anticonvulsant Activity Of N’-[4-(Substituted Benzylidenamino)-3-(2′, 4’-Dichlorophenoxymethyl)-1,2,4-Triazol-5yl)] Isonicotinyl Hydrazide Derivatives. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 5, No.1, July – December 2013.
  • Megaravalli R. Manasa, Josephine Kennedy Preethy, Idoor D. Sachin. Compliance to prescribed medication among patients in a tertiary care hospital using Morisky- Green test. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol 2016; 5:21-5.
  • Megaravalli R Manasa, Idoor D Sachin. Anticonvulsant action of aqueous extract of Centella asiatica and sodium valproate— A comparative study in pentylenetetrazole-induced seizures. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol 2016; 6:128-131.
  • Idoor D. Sachin, Megaravalli R. Manasa. Thrombo-angitis obliterans: a clinico-pathological study. Int Surg J 2016; 3:201-6.
  • Chacko Jiyo, Satish D. Suthar, Nirav K. Dholaria, Dinesh A. Chavda, Nishant B. Bhansali, Tushar R. Gosai, Kapil N. Pandya, Hiren R. Trivedi. Drug utilization study of HIV positive patients registered with antiretroviral therapy centre of a tertiary care hospital. J Clin Exp Res. (2013), 1(1): 12-19.
  • Satish D. Suthar, Nirav K. Dholaria, Dinesh A. Chavda, Jiyo Chacko, Nishant B. Bhansali, Tushar R. Gosai, Hiren R. Trivedi. Drug utilization study in diabetic patients attending medicine outpatient department of a tertiary care hospital. International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries. March 2015, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp 8-13.
  • Bhansali NB, Gosai TR, Dholaria NK, Suthar SD, Chacko J, Chavda DA and Trivedi HR. Drug utilization study in post-operative patients in surgical ward of a tertiary hospital attached with medical college. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2013, 5 (1):251-257.
  • Sri Harsha H, Dennis Varghese Thomas, Vikram Gowda NR, Jiyo Chacko. Anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous extract of aloe vera leaves. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, 2015, Vol 7, No.1, July – December, pp 39-42.
  • Liya Roslin Joseph, Asha S, Sreedevi Menon. Comparison of effectiveness and safety of thiocolchicoside and tolperisone in patients with cervicobrachialgia – a prospective observational study. International journal of pharmacology and therapeutics. 2014 Volume 4 issue 3.
  • Liya Roslin Joseph, Dhanya Sasidharan Palappallil. Impact of a simple educational intervention on the knowledge and awareness of pharmacovigilance among medical undergraduate students. International journal of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. 2015; 6(3): 05-09.

Research projects utilizing Dept research Lab:

  • Knowledge and self-medication practices in healthcare professional students with primary dysmenorhea – Sujith, Dr. Ruby
  • Comparison of knowledge and attitude of medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing students on adverse drug reaction monitoring and reporting- Manasa, Dr. Sujith
  • Evaluation of cutaneous drug reactions in a tertiary care hospital – Manasa, Dr. Sujith
  • Effects of maternal vitamin D status on pregnancy outcomes – A cohort study – Liya ,Dr. Sujith
  • Pattern of headache and self medication practices for headache among young adults – A cross sectional study- Liya, Dr. Sujith
  • To study the hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic action of alium sativum in diabetic mice- Santosh and Dr. Ruby
  • A study on critical appraisal of drug promotional literatures distributed in a tertiary care centre – Jiyo and Dr. Anish
  • A Study on Fixed dose Combinations available in the pharmacy.- Ruby, Dr. Santosh
  • A prospective study of adverse reactions to antipsychotic agents and its causality assessment in psychiatry ward-Dr.anish and Dr.Santosh pillai

Animal House

Regn. No. : 602/PO/a/CPCSEA, Registered with Ministry of Environment and Forests(Animal Welfare Division), Govt. of India

Accommodation:    Functional 172 sqm

No. of rooms, with size:    Total 10 rooms

                                            3 rooms of 10.8 sqm size

                                            2 rooms of 11.6 sqm size

                                            2 rooms of 15.6 sqm size

                                            1 room of 13.6 sqm size

                                            1 room of 9.8 sqm size

                                            1 room of 7.5 sqm size


  1. Veterinary Officer Dr. C J Joseph.
  2. Animal Attendants a. Mr. Babu Chacko
  3. Mr. K J Antony
  4. Technician Mrs. Ciji P Chacko
  5. Sweepers a. Mr. Moncy Baby
  6. Ms. Nirmala C.G


  • CPCSEA guidelines followed:    Yes
  • Animal Ethics Committee in place?:     Yes
  • Additional Technology used to minimize animal Experimentation:     Yes
  • Use of Computer Assisted learning Software for Experiments like
  • Effect of drugs on blood pressure and heart rate of dog
  • Bioassay of histamine and matching assay using guinea pig ileum
  • Effect of miotics and mydriatics on rabbit eye
  • Effect of cardiac stimulants and depressants on isolated frog heart
  • Use of chick ileum instead of guinea pig ileum as an isolated preparation for study and demonstration of bioassay of acetyl choline


Regn. No. : 602/PO/a/CPCSEA, Registered with Ministry of Environment and

               Forests(Animal Welfare Division), Govt. of India