Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty and PG Students

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Morbid Anatomy

Grossing area

Histopathology/ Cytopathology Clinical Pathology/Haematology Research Lab. Demo. Rooms (2) Seminar Room
Size (Area) 150m2 150m2 50m2 54.06m2/15m2 29.55m2


Different Sections in Pathology:    

Fluid Section
Clinical Pathology
Blood Bank

Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Tutors Non-Teaching Staff
Size (Area) 12.77 m2 22.6 m2 22.15m2 22.15m2 22.15m2 14.55m2 15 m2 



Important Equipments
Microwave –for Immlists-hem IHC
3/5 part auto analyser/Cell Counter
HPLC machine(Hb variants)
BL gas analyzer
PT & APT Analyzers


Research Laboratory
Microscopes (Binocular)
Trinocular microscope
Computer with Printer
Microwave oven and other equipments for immunohistochemistry


Rotary microtomes
Hot  plates
Hot air oven
Distilled water still
Water bath (56˚C)
Rectangular water bath
Photo-electric calorimeter
Cabinet for 1000 slides
Bone saw
Tissue processor (1 set)
Staining racks
Staining troughs
Coplin jars
Tissue floatation bath
Chemical balance with weight
Microscopes – monocular
Oil immersion lens
Sphygmo manometer
Laboratory counter
Balance for weighing organs
Slide boxes for 100 slides
Photomicrographic equipments
X-ray viewing box
PH meter
Binocular microscope
Paper electrophorensis apparatus  –   vertical (Shared)
                   – do –                          –  horizontal (Shared)
Overhead projector
Disposable knife
Adaptor for disposable knife attachment
Electronic Blalance
Rotary microtome – manual
Leica RM/2125


Clinical Pathology
Microscopes with oil immersion
Specific gravity bottles 25cc
Micro burettes 5cc
pH meter
Haemoglobinometer ( Sahli’s)
Westergren’s pipette
Wintrobe pipettes
Staining Jar
Urine glass (conical)
Water bath with lids & holes
Centrifuge tubes – graduated
Graduated cylinders
         100 cc
         500 cc
       1000 cc
Dropping bottles – 40z
Chemical balance
Swelab Autocounter 920 EO+
Coagulometer Amax Destiny Plux Amelung
Cell counter – Sysmex KX 21
Cyto-Tek – Centrifuge (Sakura)



Area of Department Library:     30m2

No. of Books Available:

            Central Library:     764     

            Departmental Library:     200


Area No. of Specimens Microscopic section of

specimens available

Catalogues of the specimens
67.91m2 Mounted: 423

Unmounted: 575

Yes (05 Microscopes are available for students) 10


Publications & Research


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Number of tests done in the blood bank:

Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Malaria, Indirect and direct Coomb’s test, Rh testing, HIV, blood grouping, VDRL etc