Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Museum Research Lab. Demo. Rooms Seminar Rooms Practical Hall
Size (Area) 103.22m2 50.6 m2 50.6 m2 30 m2 150.11 m2

 Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Tutors
Size (Area) 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2


Important Equipments
Weigh with Height Ma
List of equipments
·  Dissecting Microscope
·  Analytical Balance
·  Kitchen Balance
·  BP Apparatus
·  Weighing machine (Adult)
·  Weighing machine (Baby)
·  Height Measuring Stand
·  Measuring tape
·  Horrock’s Apparatus/ Chloroscope
·  Sling Psychrometer
·  Sixs Max.-Min. Thermometer
·  Wet & Dry Thermometer
·  Hygrometer
·  Callipers
·  Autoclave (vertical)
·  Autoclave
·  Centrifuge – clinical
·  Water-still
·  Incubator
·  Sterilizer
·  Hand Lens
·  LCD Projector
·  Refrigerator
·  Aquaguard
·  Semi-auto-analyzer
·  Suction apparatus
·  Microscope
·  Computer
·  Wrights peak outflow meter
·  Glucometer
·  Hand lens
·  Vaccine carrier
·  Thermometer
·  Calorimeter
·  ECG machine
·  X ray machine
·  Dental chair
·  Delivery table
·  Dome light
·  Operating table
·  Nebulizer
·  Console
·  Oxygen cylinder with mask
·  Laryngoscope  pediatric
·  Gram staining kit
·  Leishman staining kit
·  Counting chambers
·  Zeil-Nelson stain  kit
·  Test tube and rack
·  Pipette
·  Chemicals for mounting specimens
·  Slides
·  Cover slip
·  Oto scope
·  Infra-red light
·  Benedicts reagent
·  Spirit lamb
·  Stethoscopes
·  Waste bins- colour coded
·  Extraction apparatus
·  Amplifier
·  OHP
·  Gas stove and cylinder
·  Filter (PC/Berkefeld)
·  Cot
·  Urine dipsticks
·  Vacutainer set
·  ILR


Area of Department Library:   30m2

No. of Books Available

Central Library:   518

Departmental Library:   140


Area No. of Specimens Charts/Diagrams
103.22 m2 80 128

Publications & Research


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 Research projects utilizing Dept research Lab:

  1. Attitude of Medical Practitioners towards the use of medical records for medical research
  2. A study to assess the effect of diversional activity on perception of pain during phlebotomy procedure
  3. A study about consumption of junk food and its relationship with awareness, socio economic status and BMI among college students
  4. A study of breast carcinoma cases
  5. Assessment of medical students’ perception of educational environment using DREEM inventory
  6. Study on the types, surgical aspects and recurrence of hernia
  7. Assessment of study patterns among medical students
  8. Reliability of neck circumference as an anthropometric measure
  9. Study of vision among students using visual media
  10. A study on depression among Pushpagiri Medical College students
  11. Analysis of indications for caesarean section in a tertiary care centre
  12. Risk factors for dehydrational diarrhea in children under five years
  13. Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among elderly in four districts of Kerala
  14. Gestational diabetes mellitus and its complications
  15. Prevalence of self medication among youth
  16. Tobacco use and oral problems
  17. Relationship of anthropometric measurements to blood pressure
  18. Relation of BMI with asthma and COPD
  19. Obesity and sleep patterns
  20. Test anxiety and academic performance
  21. Awareness of hand washing in association with occurrence of infections
  22. Assessment of stress among final year medical students
  23. Awareness regarding personal safety and risk among nurses in a tertiary health care system
  24. 2015
  25. Study of use of alcohol and tobacco products among men above 18 years
  26. Prevalence and trigger factors of asthma in secondary school children
  27. Study of menorrhagia among unmarried women aged 18-22 years
  28. Frequency and risk factors of gestational diabetes mellitus
  29. Pregnancy induced hypertension- hospital incidence and risk factors
  30. Frequency and pattern of fluid intake in older adults
  31. Knowledge, attitude and barrier towards organ donation among medical students
  32. Study of varicose veins among security and house keeping staff of a tertiary care centre in South Kerala
  33. Prevalence and risk factors of respiratory morbidity among high school children
  34. Prevalence of food allergy among medical students in one medical college in south Kerala
  35. A study on knowledge about childhood UTI among mothers of under-five children attending a tertiary care hospital in south Kerala
  36. Knowledge and practice regarding osteoporosis among women aged 30 years and above
  37. Study of PCOD among nursing students in a college in south Kerala
  38. Influence of social networking among youngsters of Pushpagiri Medical College
  39. Dietary habits and its association with anthropometric measurements among young female medical students
  40. Caffeine use and its effect on memory
  41. Study of obesity and overweight among women in the reproductive age group
  42. A study of patients hospitalized with lung disease for association with smoking

Paramedical Sections

Provide brief information on staff and activities of the following sections of Community Medicine Department:-

  • Medico-Social Work Section

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Tharyan Tharyan

Lecture series arranged for students in relevance of social sciences in Medicine, Psychosocial and cultural determinants of Health, Models of health behaviour, communication in health. Social security, social science research methods, questionnaire design, FGDs, in depth interview; community participation, social marketing etc. Skilled assistance provided in patient counselling in the RNTCP activities and in the urban/rural health centres. ICTC for HIV being finalized with the AIDS control society of Kerala and MOU being signed.


  • Family Care Study Section

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Felix Johns

Aid services for mother, children and family welfare. Lectures for medical and paramedical students in measuring of maternal and child health, health problems of mothers and children, Challenges in improving maternal health in India, evolution of family, limitation, RCH, NRHM. The section also runs the unique “Family Doctor Programme”, which provides comprehensive health care to residents of 4 villages in Tiruvalla Taluk.

Identification and mapping of houses in the field practice area of urban and rural health centres. Regular visits and maintenance of family health folders in both rural and urban centres. Family allotment and training of undergraduate students in conduct of family health and diet survey, identification of problems and community diagnosis.


  • Health Education Section

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Jacob Abraham

RNTCP – Under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, the pushpagiri unit has a DOTS centre and is a recognised DMC. We conduct regular training programmes for the lab technicians, other paramedical staff, interns, postgraduates and faculty members. Counselling and health education programmes for organized for the TB patients coming to the DOTS centre.

Undergraduate medical students are trained in the basic concepts of health education and health communication. The students make a ‘health talk’, under the guidance of the health educators and the community medicine faculty on current locally relevant health issues. Through this simulated environment, they get trained in the nuances of health communication to lay audience, preparation and use of appropriate AV aids etc. They use this expertise during their visit to the allotted families during their community postings. Also, health education is carried out on a regular basis in the RNTCP/DOTS clinic and also in the peripheral health centres run by the department.

First Aid: A first aid training programme called SMILE for all the police force of Pathanamthitta district.

Observance of days of public health importance like the World Health Day. Students and faculty conduct rallies, role plays and awareness campaigns.

Health education sessions are conducted in our rural and urban centres and hospital OPDs on a weekly basis.


  • Epidemiological unit

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Elsheba Mathew

Lecture series to medical, dental, para-medical and nursing students on Principles of Epidemiology and epidemiological method, research techniques, research strategies, identification of research question, planning and conduct of epidemiologic studies of different kinds, uses, in depth theoretical knowledge of factors which influence the selection and interpretation of data such as bias, randomization confounding, blinding, epidemic investigation etc. The said unit also guides and supervises the undergraduate research projects, including those funded by ICMR. The epidemiology unit also handles consultations for MD/MS, M.Pharm and Msc (Nursing) thesis dissertations. It also carries out water quality surveillance apart from hygiene studies in the various kitchens inside the hospital campus.

PIED cell activity – Weekly reporting of the details about the infectious disease cases attending PIMSRC hospital to the district medical officers of the respective districts. We receive the monthly report from the government.

In case of any outbreak, investigations are carried out by the department of community medicine in Pushpagiri and its outreach areas.


  • Bio-statistics Section

Faculty Incharge: Mrs. Nisha Kurian

Classes on elements of biostatistics, analysis and presentation of statistical data, central tendency, dispersion, probability theory, distributions, tests of significance correlation and regression, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, nonparametric tests, analysis of qualitative data:- principles, method of usage and relevance in health, sources of vital statistics etc.

It also aids in compilation of research data and statistical analysis of all research activities. Apart from the training and research activities of medical college this unit also helps students dental, pharmacy and nursing.

Cancer Registry: For the national cancer mapping project of ICMR we collect and report the details regarding the patients suspected and diagnosed to have malignancy in PIMSRC.

National cancer registry programme of the Indian Council of Medical Research was started in this institute. Based on the histopathology, the details of the diagnosed cases are entered into the form and also onto the online registry. With the help of the departments of oncology and radiology, we are transforming this registry into a hospital based registry which will include cases based on clinical and imaging techniques in addition to the biopsies.


  • Others
    • Clinical Epidemiology Unit acts as a link between the Central Research Department and the Clinical Departments.
    • Secretaries of Institutional Scientific Committee and Institutional Ethics Committees from the department.

Field Practice Area.

Urban/Slum:   (UHTC) whether Owned and controlled by Institution   :     Yes

Name :                                               Urban Health Training Centre,


Population covered                        :   16300

Since when started                         :     2002

Schedule of P.G. posting               :    Will be posted

Field Staff posted there                 :     M.O.    L.M.O.    Para-Medics

Medical Officer of Health-cum-Lecturer/Asst. Professor Dr. Philip Mathew
Lady Medical Officer Dr. Mercy Rachel Mathew
Medical Social Workers Mr. Shan Mohan

Ms Rinu Mary

Public  Health Nurse Smt Anumol Issac
Health Inspectors Smt Resmitha Gopal

Smt Bindu G.

Health Educator Mr. Joel John
Technical Asst./Techn Smt Vincy Mathew

Smt. Riya M. Chacko

Peon Ms. Thankamani
Van Driver Mr. John Cherian
Store Keeper Smt. Sheeba Antony
Record Clerk Ms. Sajitha
Sweepers Smt. Ponnamma Babu

Smt. Beena George


Distance from Medical College      : 2 Km

Residential/Non-residential            : Non-Residential

Any special activity undertaken     :

  • OPD: Available & Adequate
  • Immunisation: Carried out every wednesday
  • Ante-Natal Clinic: Registrations of ANC cases done
  • Family visits: Once in three weeks
  • Deliveries: Facilities available


Rural:                        (RHTC) whether under Administrative

control of Dean or not                   :     Yes (proof of ownership or full administrative control of Dean attached)

Name : Rural Health Centre, Punnakunnam, Champakulum

Population covered                        :     27570

Since when started                         :     2002

Schedule of P.G. posting               :     Will be posted as described

Field Staff posted there                  :     M.O.    L.M.O.    Para-Medics

(Give Names)

Medical Officer of Health-cum-Lecturer/Asst. Professor Dr. Sherin Susan Paul
Lady Medical Officer Dr. Lea James
Medical Social Workers Mr Rijo Rajan

Mr. Juby John

Public  Health Nurse Ms Susan Jacob
HI/Health Assistant (Male) Mr. Abin Anthony

Ms. Sinimol P.K

Health Educator Mr. Shahida
Technical Asst./Techn Ms. Leelamma
Peon Ms Treesa Xavier
Van Driver Mr Jacob Mathew
Store Keeper cum Record Clerk Mr. Lijo P. Thomas
Sweepers Smt Subadramma

Smt Suma

Distance from Medical College      : 28 Km

Residential/Non-residential            : Residential

Any special activity undertaken.    : Palliative Care

  • OPD: Available & Adequate
  • Immunisation: Carried out on every wednesday
  • Ante-Natal Clinic: Registrations of ANC cases done
  • Family visits: Done once every two months
  • No. of indoor beds & patients: 6 beds and 4 patients
  • Deliveries: Facilities available