Unit & Beds availability: 2 Unit with 70 Beds

Teaching & Non Teaching Faculty and PG Students

Department facility / Infrastructure

General Facilities:

Nomenclature Museum Research Lab. Clinical Demonstration Room (3) Duty Room for Resident Doctors & Students Laboratory for Routine Examination Examination & Treatment Room Store Room for Linen Ward Pantry
Male Female    
Size (Area) 25m2 50m2 20 m2   each 20 m2 20 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2 15 m2

 Office Space:

Nomenclature Dept. Office Professor / Head of the Dept. Professors Associate Professor Assistant Professor Senior Resident Junior Residents
Size (Area) 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 20m2 21m2


Important Equipments
Multiparameter Monitors 
Pulse Oxymeters
Infusion pump
CTG Machines
USG machines



Cryo/LEEP Cautery


Centrifuge, Slides
Blood drawing set
BP apparatus
weighing balance
P/V tray


Speculums and retractors
EA + ECC sets
PCT forceps
Ayers spatula
Cytology bottle
MR Syringes
Cryo/electro cautery apparatus
Simple fetal Droppler
NST machine
Stitch removal sets
Dressing sets
Ultrasound machine
Weighing machine
Height scale
View box
(Blood Pressure apparatus, measuring tapes,gloves, syringes, needles, torch)
Resuscitation tray  (Laryngoscope, ET tube, ambubag, suction catheter, essential drugs).
Suction machine
Hysterosalphigogram Canula
MAIN Operation Theatre
Abdominal Hysterectomy set (Alteries, scissors, Scalpel, Allis‟s kelly‟s clamp, badcock forceps, thumb forceps, Harington & Richardson retractors.)
Vaginal Hysterectomy set
(Scalpel, scissors, metal catheter, Sim‟s, Speculum volsellum, Kelly‟s clamps, right angle retractor, arteries, Allis, uterine sound, bladder sound).
Tuboplasty set
Myomectomy instruments (Myoma screw, Boney‟s clamp)
Diagnostic laparoscopy set
Operating laparoscopy set
Hystroscopy set
Electronic Carbondioxide insuffator
Insuffator basic unit
Operatin microscope/Loupe
Contact microhystroscope
Co2 & Nd Yag laser
Delivery sets
B.P. Apparatus
Weighing machine
Fetal Doppler
Cardiotocogram machine
Portable ultrasound
High suction machine
Resuscitation tray
Oxytocin infusion pumps
Multichannel monitors
Intrauterine Pressure monitoring system
*Fetal scalp electrodes Facilities for fetal scalp pH
Doll and Dummy
Female Pelvis
Gross specimens
X-ray/US films
View box
Overhead Projector
Slide Projector
Set of instruments/forceps etc.
Camera with 200 m lens Endocamera/Television ,TTL flash light, Carbondioxide Monitor, Calculator Channelizer, *Disposables, to be issued on monthly basis.
MINOR Operation Theatre
Cervical biopsy set
MTP set
D&C set
Hydrotubation set
IUCD insertion/removal set
High suction machine
Resuscitation tray
E.B. set (O.T. lights, OT tables)
Set for LSCS
D&C set
MTP set
High suction machine
Cervical exploration set
Uterine packing forceps
Abdominal hysterectomy set
Diagnostic laparoscopy set
Laprocator for tubal ligation
Postputum ligation
Outlet forceps
Low mid cavity forceps/kjielland forceps
Vacuum Extractor and suction machine
Resuscitation tray
Decapitation hook
Cranioclast with cephalotribe
Oldham Perforator
Infusion Pump
EB set
Operation Theatre table, Operation Theatre lights, Central Oxygen and suction
Multichannel monitor with ECG, BP, HR, Pulse oxymetry for high risk pregnant patients (eclampsia, heart diseases etc.)
Blood Pressure Apparatus
Weighing machine
Height scale
Speculum and retractors
Suture removal sets
Dressing sets
Cutdown sets
Blood gas analyzer
CTG machine
Suction machine
Resuscitation tray
View box
Ultrasound machine with Doppler/Vaginal probe/facilities for Interventional procedure
Multichannel Monitor
Fetal Monitor for Antepartum Surveillance
Computer for data entry
(Gloves, Syringes, needles, torch, measuring tape etc.)
Laboratory equipment for following
investigations: H-gram
Urine examination
Semen analyses
Renal Function Test (RFT), Liver Function Test (LFT), including Serum Blutamase Test (SBT), Electrolytes, Blood sugar
Culture facilities
24 hr. urine alb. Creatinine
Serum, BHCG, estriol,
MSAFP Semen wash
T4, TSH, Testosterone,
Chlamydia and other reproductive tract infection testing.
Cytology, Chromosome study, PCR for various abnormalities. Facilities for biochemical tests and enzyme studies for prenatal diagnosis.
Blood gas
study. ABO and
Rh typing. PCR
for tuberculosis.
Viral markers for Hepatitic studies.
Coagulation profile, fibrinogen degradation
products, Blood bank facilities.
Assisted reproductive techniques.



Area of Department Library:     30m2

No. of Books Available:

            Central Library:     803                                                      

            Departmental Library:     136

Departmental Museum:

  • Space: 25 Sq. Meter
  • of specimens 30
  • Charts/ Diagrams. 23

Publications & Research Projects


  • Valsa CA Thekkedathu – Maternal and Placental Risk Factors associsted with Intrauterine Growth Restriction and the Perintal Outcomes. Journal ofSouth Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Sep-Dec 2015; 7(3):176-181
  • Valsa CA – A Comparative study of learning outcomes and students satisfaction from problem based learning and lecture based learning in Obstetric and Gyaneaocology. Int’l Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obsteric and Gyanaecology, 2016 May-5(5)-1368 74
  • Valsa CA – Fetal growth restriction..aetiology, screening, diagnosis and management. Int’l Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obsteric and Gyanaecology, 2015 Dec-4(6).
  • Valsa CA – The role of Maternal Thyroid Hormone on brain development of Fetus. Int’l journal of Current medicine and applied sciences. Volume-5, Issue 2 January 2015 83-89
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  • Vinitha Wills, Rajamma John. Anomalies of vaginal development – a Comparison. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 6, No.2 January – June 2015
  • Suja Mary Mani, Shiby Jose, AfshanaSidhik. The incidence and risk factors in Ectopic Pregnancy – A retrospective study. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 6, No.2 July – December 2014
  • Sreedevi N S Maternal &Foetal Outcome in Connective Tissue Disorders. E- Poster RCOG World Congress 2014, accepted for publication in BJOG
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  • BijoElsy, Susan Mathew, YM Fazil Marickar. A morphological and microscopic study of human placenta in uncomplicated pregnancies. Pushpagiri Medical Journal, Vol 2, No.2, Jan- Jun 2011, 97-101

Ongoing Research Projects:

  1. Dr. Rachel – Retrospective study of fetal and maternal outcome in multiple pregnancy
  2. Dr. Valsa C.A.- Clinical evaluation of IUGR
  3. Dr. AfshanaSidhik – Near-miss cases in Obstetrics
  4. Dr. Sreelakshmy – Comparative analysis of uterine artery resistance index and 24 hour urine protein in prediction of ecampsia
  5. Dr.AfshanaSidhik – Comparison of endometrial aspiration vs D&C in perimenopausal bleeding
  6. Dr. Teena Eliz – Umbilical cord length and fetal outcome
  7. Dr. Sumam – First and second trimester bleeding in pregnancy and fetal outcome
  8. Dr. Anoop – Association of early pregnancy BMI and gestational weight gain in relation to neonatal birthweight
  9. Dr. Divya – Asymptomatic bacteriuria and pregnancy outcome

Services provided by the Department

  • Ultrasonography
  • Pre-Natal Diagnosis
  • High risk pregnancy management
  • Endoscopy
  • Colposcopy/Cancer Screening Programme
  • Cryocautery/LEEP
  • Oncology
  • Intra Utrine Insemination
  • Artificial Reproductive Technology

Intensive Care facilities:

  • Labour Room
  • NICU
  • Obstetric ICU
  • Recovery ICU
  • Surgery ICU
  • Medical ICU
  • ICCU
  • Paediatric ICU
  • Neurosurgery ICU
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Renal Transplantation

Speciality Clinics run by the Department:

S.No. Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings Average No. of cases attended Name of Clinic In-charge
1 Ante-Natal Clinic All days 8.30 am – 3.30 pm 52 Dr.Vinitha Wills
2. High Risk pregnancy Clinic All days 8.30 am – 3.30 pm 5 Dr.Suja Mary Mani
3 Post Natal Clinic Monday, Wednesday,  Friday 11.00 am – 2.00 pm 15 Dr.Susan Mathew

Dr.Valsa C A

Dr Rachel Mathew

4 Cancer Clinic Monday, Wednesday,  Friday 12 noon– 2 pm 10 Dr.Suja Mary Mani

Dr.Anita Carmel

5 Infertility Clinic Tueday, Friday 12noon – 1 pm 4-5 Dr. Srijana Mathai
6 Gynae Endocrine Clinic All Saturdays 12 noon – 2 pm 2 Dr.Rachel Mathew
7 Family Planning Clinic All days 9 am – 1 pm 0-1 Dr.Rachel Mathew
8 Menopausal Clinic All Saturdays 12 am – 2 pm 5-6 Dr.Laila Mathews